INDIA 2020

Historic Aravalli Ride:

Discover the best of Southern Rajasthan. Beautiful landscapes, different each riding day, historic buildings, temple, forts and battlefields, this safari has it all!

Date: 24 October - 2nd November, 2020


Rate per person: € 2599 Euro (rider) / 1999 Euro (non-rider)

Single Supplement:  € 270


9 overnight stays in Heritage Hotels / safari camp
4-6 hours riding per safari day with an experienced guide
Full boarding with all non-alcoholic beverages
Sightseeing and activity program as described above
All transfers

Not Included:
Entrance fees
Alcoholic beverages & beverages in the hotels
Personal expenses & tips
All transfers

The historic Aravalli Ride ( 9 day ride : Heritage Hotels and 2 nights camping) and including the Ashwa Pooja Cermony in the city palace. 
This is a very colorful 'blessing of the horse' ceremony held every year. 

Discover the best of Southern Rajasthan. Beautiful landscapes, different each riding day, historic buildings, temple, forts and battlefields, this safari has it all!

The first part of the safari leads over the Aravalli Mountain Range which we cross from south to north. Here you can see the beautiful and serene Nagda Temple and visit the battlefield of Haldi Ghati. Step deep into the history of the former kingdom of Mewar and learn all about its glory and splendor. Each riding day will take you deeper into the mountains and higher up till you will reach the fortress of Kumbalgarh, part of the Word Heritage Site of Hill Forts of Rajasthan. The fort is perched on top of the highest mountain with superb views of its surrounding. From Kumbalgarh we descend through the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary to the foot of the mountains and the exquisite Jain Temple of Ranakpur. The Sanctuary is home to the last wolves of Rajasthan as well as to sloth bears and leopard, all very shy and difficult to spot. However the riders usually see some monkeys, deer, antelopes or smaller animals such as mongoose plus many different birds as the Aravalli Mountains are a hotspot for bird life with more than 400 different species.
From Ranakpur onwards the landscape flattens and we ride through the Rajasthani Bagar, a semi-arid plain with soft ground and open space which are ideally suited for long trots and canters. We finish our trail in the village of Jojawar on the other side of the Aravalli Mountains, an area well known for its camel breeders and shepherds.
Accommodation will be for two nights in our tented safari camp and then in selected Heritage Hotels along the way. Each hotel has a different, unique character. In Kumbalgarh you will stay overnight in a jungle lodge, in Ranakpur it is a countryside retreat and in Narlai and Jojawar you will stay in village forts which have been converted into Heritage hotels.
A true combination of an equestrian adventure and an historic experience!


Historic Aravelli Ride:

(Fly in and out of Udaipur) 

24.10. Arrival in Udaipur

Arrival in Udaipur, we collect you from the airport and bring you to a comfortable Haveli-style middle class hotel in Udaipur. In the afternoon the Ashwa Pooja or horse blessing takes place in the City Palace of Udaipur. It is an ancient tradition of Rajasthan in which the Rajputs would seek blessings for their horses and weapons once a year to be ready to ride into war any time. The ceremony is still taking place the same way as before and can be visited by travelers and tourists. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for horse lovers and travel enthusiasts! In order to witness the ceremony, please prepare to arrive in Udaipur at or before 3 pm. Overnight stay in a Haveli Hotel in Udaipur.

25.10. Meeting the horses & sightseeing day in Udaipur

 After breakfast we take you to our farm where you can meet the horses and guides. We give you an introduction to the Marwari horse breed and match each rider with a suitable horse. Then the group will go for a 2 hour test ride through the Aravalli Mountains around our farm. After the ride we take you back to Udaipur where you will have lunch. In the afternoon we will organize some more sightseeing for you. Overnight stay in a Haveli Hotel in Udaipur.

26.10. Udaipur - Eklingji

After breakfast start your ride from Udaipur, near Fateh Sagar Lake and climb up into the Aravalli Mountains, enjoying the great scenery and views over Udaipur and its surrounding valley. Visit the ancient Eklingji and Nagda Temples after your ride and stay overnight in our safari camp on the shore of a small lake in the hills.

27.10. Eklingji – Haldi Ghati

Today you will ride through the long beautiful valley of Haldi Ghati (which means Yellow Valley due to the color of the soil). Famous for its scenic beauty it was once upon a time the place of a great battle between Maharana Pratap, the king of Udaipur and the army of Moghul emperor Akbar. Before reaching this high valley horse and rider have to climb further up into the mountains over some rocky slopes where our horses will show you just how sure-footed they really are. At lunch time visit the battlefield of Haldi Ghati and the Chetak Chabutra and learn about the historic deeds done by Chetak, the white Marwari stallion of Maharana Pratap. When time permits it is possible to see the Maharana Pratap Museum in Haldi Ghati. After lunch break the ride continues through the Haldhi Ghati valley, a most scenic part of the ride this the riders reach our camp outside a little village. Overnight-stay in our safari camp

28.10. Haldi Ghati - Kumbhalgarh

Enjoy the last virgin dry deciduous forest in Rajasthan and ride through the unique scenery of the Aravalli Mountains. Today horse and rider have to do a lot of climbing as the trail winds up into the higher reaches of the Aravalli Mountains. Ascending through a winding valley along a river, the riders leave the little villages behind and come into the higher reaches of the Aravalli Mountains. Situated on top of one of the highest peaks in these mountains the final destination of this day is the little town of Kumbhalgarh. Once the riders reach the Kumbhalgarh road they are picked up by our jeep and taken the last kilometers the village of Kumbhalgarh. Tonight the riders will stay at Hotel The Aodhi, a beautiful jungle lodge in the mountain forest of Kumbhalgarh, just a kilometer away from the fort. After arrival you can settle in and then we take you for sightseeing to Kumbhalgarh Fort. Overnight stay at The Aodhi.

29.10. Kumbhalgarh – Ranakpur

Descending from the height of Kumbhalgarh Fort down into the valley of Ranakpur you will cross the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and have a chance of glimpsing some wildlife such as monkeys, wild boar or antelopes, smaller mammals such as mongoose or rabbits and countless birds such as nightingales, kingfisher, meena, peacocks or jungle fowls. The sanctuary accounts for a great variety of more than 250 different species of birds. The ride leads from the top entrance of the Sanctuary near Kumbhalgarh down right to the foot of the mountain, an ascent of 800 high meters. In the beginning the views over the mountains are amazing then the riders get swallowed up by forest and now the only sounds come from the birds and animals around them. Much of the forest up here is dry deciduous virgin forest and it is home to an astonishing variety of animals big and small. Depending on the season the forest is lush and green or more autumnally golden and yellow. At times the riders will have to cross streams and rivers which flow high after the monsoon or might be completely dry in spring. At lunch time the riders reach as small Jain temple in a serene valley surrounded by mountains with the Kumbhalgarh Fort situated majestically on top. After lunch the riders continue through the lower reaches of the Sanctuary before they finally leave it behind to cross a village and continue their ride through the fields of the Ranakpur valley. 

Arrival at the Ranakpur Jain Temple is around one hour later. Visit the temple and enjoy the exquisitely carved marble pillars, each one of the 1444 different from the rest. After your visit we will bring you to your hotel, the gorgeous Heritage Hotel King’s Abode just a short drive away from the Jain temple. Overnight stay in the Heritage Hotel “King’s Abode”.

30.10. Ranakpur – Narlai

After breakfast we will collect you from your hotel and you start the ride through the serene Ranakpur valley and further down the way to the Rajasthani Bagar which is the fringe area between the hills and the Thar Desert in the North-West. Today the ride leads over an open plain dotted with small villages and little fields. Occasionally Nilgai Antelopes, India’s largest antelope, can be spotted. You will cross the little town of Sadri which is quite an adventure for riders as well as for the locals with lots to see. On the other side the ride continues over sandy tracks. The terrain on this side of the Aravalli Mountains is now level and soft. Plenty of opportunity for long trots and canters! After lunch the riders reach the peculiar temple of Ketlaji built at the side of one of the many hills rising out of the plain in this area. At the foot of the temple is a small lake and plenty of shops selling food and religious items for the pilgrims coming here. The riders pass directly through here before leaving the village and continuing through a dried up river bed towards Narlai. The safari ends near the village of Narlai, famous for its pretty havelis and fort which has been converted into a Heritage Hotel. 

Here the riders can ride straight to their hotel Rawla Narlai, an old palace converted into a prime Heritage hotel. The afternoon is free to discover the palace and make use of all the amenities of the property. Overnight stay in Rawla Narlai.

31.10.  Narlai – Jojawar

Today the Aravalli Mountains will be finally left behind and the ride continues in the Rajasthani Bagar, an open and arid plain with sandy ground. Instead of bullocks, the villagers here use camels for their work and you will encounter quite a few all day long. The horses are eager to go fast, feeling the soft ground under their feet and seeing the wide plain before them. Open ground and long sandy village roads invite for long canters and gallops. Arrival in the small town of Jojawar in the afternoon and ride to the hotel Rawla Jojawar. The rest of the day is free to enjoy the hotel or visit the small typical Rajasthani town. Overnight stay in Ralwa Jojawar.

 01.11.  Return to Udaipur

Enjoy the beautiful hotel Rawla Jojawar in the morning before we bring you back to Udaipur around late morning. The remainder of the day can be used for some additional sightseeing or just relaxing. Overnight stay in Udaipur in Hotel Boheda.

 02.11.  Program ends after breakfast.