When you find yourself enjoying a majestic landscape, do you look to the far distance and imagine nothing better, than crossing these hills, plains and rivers on the back of a horse?
Perhaps it is a memory ingrained in us, that the horse has been man’s passport to freedom for thousands of years, or maybe it is the knowledge that it simply the most satisfying way of momentarily replacing the stress of this fast-paced world we live in, with the pure contentment of moving slowly and purposefully across distance on the back of a good horse.

Imagine Riding is all about that: bringing small groups of like-minded riders from all corners of the world, to cross both uncharted and not so uncharted territories, together. It is for the open-minded, the curious, and for the ones who simply dare. 

We offer two types of rides : the expedition rides that are for the more adventurous who enjoy camping under the stars and the set itinerary rides for those that prefer staying in small hotels or home-stays. We are always seeking out unique, off- the beaten-track rides and always welcome the input and the collaboration of our fellow-riders.

Susan Wirth, the founder of Imagine Riding is German born but grew up southern Africa, learned how to ride on retired polo ponies and spent her early days exploring the wilderness with her friends.
Working in film and media in New York took her away from horses for a while. even though she would occasionally rent a horse from the last remaining stable in Manhattan, to take a turn in Central Park after a day in the office. It was in 2000 when she signed up for a ride on the Nyika Plateau in Malawi that she truly rekindled her passion. There was no going back after this pure delight and the ensuing years took her on horseback to to a number of far-flung places, amongst them: Rajasthan, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Kenya, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Transylvania, Morocco, Montenegro, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Turkey, Wyoming and the Yukon. In Turkey she was a co-rider and assisted a trio of academic adventurers to develop the first hiking trail that is also an equestrian trail, the Evliya Celebi Way. From 2009-2016 she co-guided and developed horse riding expeditions in central and NW Turkey and did her second long ride that took her 1000 km from Cappadocia to Istanbul. In January/ February 2020 she is planning to ride 930km from the edge of the Sahara to the Atlantic ocean in Morocco with a group of intrepid riders.